what is proofreading?

What is included?

Proofreading is carried out on a completed manuscript. The service I offer is a final set of eyes before formatting. Although some proofreaders do work on a formatted document, this is not a service I offer. 

Proofreading should only be undertaken on manuscripts that have had a previous stage of editing (either copy, line and content, or developmental), and will not be carried out on previously unedited texts. 

  • Grammar and adherence to style (CMOS, New Hart’s or style sheet provided by the author)
  • Punctuation 
  • Redundant words.
  • Repeated words
  • Tense changes
  • Plot holes queried if noted.

Time and cost

A Proofread on 80,000 words takes between four and seven working days. 

I will work on your manuscript either through Google Docs or Word. 

Most of the edits in the proofreading phase are silent (they will be done directly into the text without suggesting or commenting). You will receive a style sheet outlining the changes that were made as well as detailing any stylistic preferences that had been set out prior to the edit being carried out. There may be a few queries for you too look at. For example, if a word is repeated three times in close succession a suggestion may be made for a replacement. 

This is a single pass, once the manuscript is returned, it is the job of the author to resolve any queries as they see fit before publication. 

Proofreading is priced at 0.003pw