What is a Manuscript critique?

What does it include?

Manuscript critiques can be carried out on either on a full manuscript or a partially complete manuscript. It is meant as an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the story. It is not a full edit, and won’t give changes at line level, but offers techniques you can apply going forward to improve the content, flow and engagement of your story.  

  • Character development: are the characters relatable? is the romance believable?
  • Story movement: are things happening in order, and is the reasoning sound?
  • Reoccurring issues relating to sentence structure, repeated words, and  grammar.
  • POV and head hopping.
  • Show vs tell: are you immersing your reader or are you telling them what’s going on?  

Time, Process, and cost

A partial manuscript critique takes approximately seventy-two hours. It is a single pass on the section submitted (up to 10,000 words) with suggestions and notes added in the document for you to work from. You will also be provided with a critique sheet that you can refer to going forward. If you have more questions, or areas that you would like to go over, you can email me following the return of the section for further discussion. 

If you would like a critique on your full manuscript, please use the contact form, and we can discuss your needs, the cost, and the time required to complete.