Editing Services

This page goes into detail about the different types of editing I offer. Every editor has slightly different parameters, so it’s important to make sure the services you want are being covered. If you require further information, please feel free to contact me via the contact page. 

The copyedit is probably what most people think of when discussing having their manuscript edited. It covers adherence to style (Usually COMS or New Harts) and makes sure your manuscript is consistent throughout. It also covers adherence to grammar rules, such as punctuation for dialogue (speech). 

It covers syntax (the arrangement of words in a sentence), and a copyeditor will generally flag where the flow could trip readers up and make suggestions either in the manuscript or as a comment in tracked changes. Redundant words, overused words, and phrases will be flagged and suggestions for replacements will be noted. Where there are instances of telling these will be flagged and suggested rewording to help show the reader will be provided. Any tense changes will be marked in the first instance and then changed going forward. Head hopping and POV drops will also be flagged. Any plot holes will flagged for you to work on. 

This service starts at $0.004pw

A content and line edit is a deeper look into your manuscript. It focuses on the structure of your novel and the way the characters interact and develop. Show don’t tell will be covered here in detail, as well info-dumps, plot holes, and relevance of information provided to the reader. It also looks at devices to really draw your readers into the text. Content and line editing will also cover elements of the copyedit around syntax and redundancies too. 

This service starts at $0.006pw

This is a final look over the manuscript before it goes to formatting. The focus here is on grammar, consistency and style rules. Any sentences which may cause confusion to readers will be queried, but no structural changes or suggestions will be made at this point. 

This service is only offered to people who have already engaged a copy/line editor for their manuscript and actioned changes and suggestions. It is not suitable as the only edit before publishing.

This service starts at $0.003pw

This is for people who want to know if their writing is going in the right direction. It’s a deep edit on a section of up to 5000 words. This will include rewrites and suggestions around show don’t tell, redundant language, tense, POV, head hopping, and character interaction—as well as some grammar issues which may be reoccurring.  The idea here is not to retain voice, but to arm you with techniques to move your writing forward. You will then be able to apply these techniques to your whole manuscript, which should save you time and money when you’re ready for a full edit on your completed manuscript. 

This service has a flat fee of $75