Sensitive and Informative Editing

Whether you want a light copyedit or a deeper content edit, I am here to support you in the way that works best for you. I will leave explanations and reasoning for my changes to ensure you can see how they relate to your work.

Placing importance on author voice

Voice is what makes every book unique and, in fiction, is often the most important consideration. I will always do my utmost to offer suggestions and changes that maintain your style while still adhering to the grammar rules that readers expect to see.


I take the security and confidentiality of your manuscript very seriously and will never share your work with others.



Sentence level work on your manuscript, looking at grammar, adherence to style, redundant and overused words, and flow. 

This is what most people mean when they think of ‘editing.’

Content and Line Editing

In-depth structural work mixed with sentence level editing (similar to developmental editing). This looks at the big picture and makes sure your story flows well and stays on track to your desired conclusion. 


This is a final set of eyes before formatting. It looks purely at typos and grammar issues for continuity and adherence to style. This will only be undertaken on a previously edited manuscript. 

Manuscript Development

Choose from either a full critique or up to 10,000 words from your manuscript. The purpose of an evaluation is not to ‘edit’ for publication, but to give you techniques to apply to your whole document in regards to show don’t tell, relationship development, characterization, plot and story structure, and POV issues among others. 

Frequently asked questions

A sample is a helpful way to decide whether we’re a good fit, as well as giving me insight into the type of work your manuscript might require. I will edit a complimentary sample of up to 1000 words before we decide to work together. 

I do not provide samples for proofreading. 

My average turnaround for a copyedit on a 100,000 word document is around fourteen business days. However, this can vary depending on the type of edit needed. The sample I complete will allow me to give a more accurate timescale for your work. 

At this time, I only work with self-publishing authors. 

I will only proofread manuscripts that have previously been edited by a professional editor. If you haven’t engaged an editor, I would be happy to offer you a sample for a copyedit or content edit to see if we are a good fit. 

Yes. Payment plans are available for all contracts over $100 USD. Please add this request to the contact the form so we can discuss a way to move forward. 

What clients say

"Charlotte is hands down the best editor I've ever worked with! There's never a doubt in my mind she gives everything she has to every edit, being thoughtful, methodical, and attentive to each and every detail. She never tries to change your voice, but rather helps you elevate your prose. I can't say enough good things about her, and I'd be happy to vouch for her to any author!"
"Working with Charlotte on our first book was an amazing experience. She's an incredibly talented editor and works hard to make your manuscript the absolute best it can be. She's knowledgeable, efficient and dedicated. We recommend her to all our author friends and will always go to her with our editing needs. "
"Charlotte is professional and easy to work with. She's concise, precise and just all out awesome. Charlotte doesn't just edit the document, she coaches you to become a better writer and she goes way beyond the "call of duty". Way. Beyond. I count it as a privilege to be one of her clients and I will go as far as timing my books around her availability if necessary. That's how wonderful she is.❤"
"Charlotte is an editor that figures out the level you're on and works to help you make your book better step by step. (Doesn't expect the author to magically have a masters in creative writing after the first book). An editor that will take the time to explain something a different way when I don't understand. An editor that is kind but firm. An editor that has all the skills but continues to learn and grow within her profession. She does all this and more. She's amazing."
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